SVO Mustang Prt. 1

The other day at my Club meeting, my club president Mark was giving me a hard time about tubbing everything I build. Of course I told him heck yeah I’ll tub anything. I don’ t care what it is. ┬áSo the challenge was thrown out for me to bring a non tubbed car to the next meeting. So I told him I would do one better than that. I would build a non tubbed, non v-8 car.

So I am starting with an old MPC SVO mustang kit that I have had sitting around for awhile. I plan to build it stock suspension, small tired , 4 cyclinder, 2.3 liter turbo charged drag car. As you can see in the photos I have already completed the engine. It is set up with a set of dual weber carbs and a scratch built intake manifold and a scratch built exhaust manifold. It also has a big turbo that I purchased online from a place that does 3D printing.

So I hope that this will mess with their minds when I show up at the next meeting, especially Mark. As me and Mark are always harassing and teasing each other as we are very dear friends.

Svo Mustang Model Kit

Svo Mustang Engine

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