1956 Ford Vicky model kit

Bring Out the Dead ( Project) 1956 Ford Prt. 2


1956 Ford Vicky model kitWell this old dead project is finally finished after many years of sitting on my shelf. It made me think of some of the other old projects like an old Henry J I started building long before I was even married. Maybe I will dig this one out next.

Here are the specs on the 56 Ford.

  1. Kit Manufacturer: AMT (1956 Ford Vicky)
  2. Chassis type and mods: front clip from a Nascar Thunderbird Monogram kit, tubbs from AMT 66 Nova Pro Street and also rear suspension. The center of the chassis is from the 56 Ford but modified and cleaned up to fit both of the front and rear chassis.
  3. ┬áBody and Paint: 1956 Ford Vicky all chrome trim shaved off except the hood ornament. The hood scoop from AMT’s 66 Nova, the door handles from Revell’s 57 Ford, left the front bumper off to give it a little gasser look, and used the custom tail lights from the 56 Ford just because I like these. The color is Model Masters sublime green.
  4. Wheels and Tires: The wheels are old style slotted mags from my parts box. They give it an old school look. Rear tires are AMT slicks also from my parts box.
  5. Engine: The engine is also from the Nascar Thunderbird kit. It is supposed to be a 351 ford but the engravings are not all that great and being a 1/24 scale kit it looks to me like a 460 ford with a single 4 barrel carb and a scratch built nitrous plate system( see techs and tips).

1956 Ford Vicky model kit

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