Bring Out the Dead ( Project) 1956 Ford Prt. 1

This was an idea at our last model club meeting to dig out an old project that you had started and needed to be finished so I dug out my AMT 1956 Ford Crown Victoria Kit. I had started building this one many years ago as a pro street and all that was finished was a real crappy job of back halfing the car using the stock chassis and the tubs from AMT 1966 Nova. It was painted sub lime green . Thats the way it sat for many years. 

I pulled the chassis apart, redid the back half with the tubs, added a front suspension clip from a Nascar Tbird kit that someone had given me. I also used the engine from this same kit. I scratched built a nitrous plate system for the engine( see tech and tips post 4 solenoid nitous  plate).

I have decided to build this more as a drag car so I have added slicks to the back and I also used the Nascar Tbird bucket seats.

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