1963 Impala

This one is an old AMT kit 1963 Impala. It was built as a curbside therefore it has no chassis detail or engine. It just looks cool sitting on the shelf.


  1. Kit Manufacturer: AMT 1963 Impala
  2.  Body and paint: two tone paint; Top is dark Testors red, bottom is brightTestors red, body left stock except cowl hood and stretched rear wheels.
  3. Chassis: Curbside
  4. Suspension: None: curbside
  5. Wheels and tires: Tires are slicks from my parts box; wheels are from Revell 1967 Chevelle.
  6. Engine: None, curbside ( but use your imagination, this could be a 600 ci nitrous big block chevy. This one has been sitting in the box for quite awhile and just needed to be thrown together so I just had to finish it up for you all to see.



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